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Sneaker Wash

Sneaker wash is a unique service that is aimed at making sure that our customers are wearing clean sneakers. Give us those dirty sneakers and we will restore them to their best quality. Sneaker wash, a very unique service in its kind is rapidly growing in and around Mthatha. Mthatha Sparkle Services is looking at reaching out to the public in all forms hence sneaker wash division was introduced.

Have you ever woken up thinking you would like to wear those funky sneakers with your fancy outfit but only to realize that they are dirty?

Call us in to the rescue. Let us save your day

We can collect them from you if you don’t have time to drop them at our premises.

We are here to serve you, to wash those sneakers for you and make sure that you are looking fresh and clean

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Call: 071 001 9748 / 081 565 1787
Address: 16 Gcingca Street, Mbuqe Extension, Mthatha 5099